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Saturday, April 16, 2016

I'm confused...

I'm confused and don't know what to do. Re-incarnation of Steve Jobs and Theranos genius/founder/CEO Elizabeth Holmes tells me that backup plans are for losers, while the other re-incarnation of Steve Jobs and uBeam genius/founder/CEO Meredith Perry tells me the exact opposite.

"Always have 2 backup plans. Always try 2-3 approaches in parallel to increase your chance of success. "

So not just a backup, but a backup to the backup. And maybe a backup to that too.

So how do I follow the advice of these geniuses? Do I have to choose? I'm always hearing what role models they are, so they have to both be right!

And if it's not both of them that are right, one of them has to be. Because otherwise the only other option is that they are both just spouting utter nonsense they made up because it sounds CEO-ish, and it's been picked up by an unthinking and unquestioning press and simply repeated without thought.


  1. Wanted to comment that there is more than one way to success, so I don't think one of the thoughts necessarily has to be "wrong".

    Different leaders have different styles, and different companies have different cultures and approaches. One organization may be successful as a hard-charging "no excuses and no backup plans" style, another may take a more cautious, meticulous approach.

    It's the same way that some successful companies are extremely data-driven, while others are product-driven. Some companies profess the only way to market fit is by putting an MVP out and iterating, and others say you need a product that's polished and beautiful out of the gate to be successful. There is more than one path to success.

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