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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Meredith Perry No Longer uBeam CEO

Meredith Perry has stepped down as CEO of uBeam, the controversial wireless charging startup she founded in 2011.

uBeam wants to commercialize its technology via licenses to embed it in third-party products, and Perry was not viewed as the right person for that task.

If only someone senior in the company could have told the board and investors that back in 2015...

Perry will remain a "senior advisor" to the company and on its board of directors.

I didn't think that Perry would ever willingly step down, so if I am correct there, this was forced by investors after failing to meet milestones. I'm certainly surprised it happened this early after the last round. More comment as I learn more.

You can find my uBeam posts here and more detailed thoughts on this event in a much longer post.

Update 25th Nov 18: The interim CEO and VP of Finance and HR lists herself on LinkedIn as being in the Interim CEO role since July of this year, whereas this announcement came in September. Mistake, or was Perry on 'gardening leave' since July and it was only made public in September? (Thanks to sdpkom on EEVBlog for spotting this). She's also, apparently, still CEO of Cubed Communications, so that's 2 CEO and 2 VP roles simultaneously!


  1. Can't make a product? Change your company to a licensing model! Then you don't have to build anything!

    Classic last gasp of a company before it all goes away.

  2. She doesnt know how to run a company is why the leadership has left. Look at her shes not a good person to run the company. Its a typical day in the USA

  3. There's 4 things that never, ever lose:
    Father Time, Taxes, Vegas' Casinos, The law of physics when it comes to wireless power transfer