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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Another One Bites the Dust

Hot on the heels of uBeam's apparent demo of a phone screen turning on, it seems there's been a change at the company. Their COO appears to have departed and become the EVP of Operations at Fitbit. Stunning that a C-level exec would leave when the company is on the verge of greatness, especially an Operations person who is not so much R&D but very much product delivery, exactly what you need when looking to transition to a new phase of growth. Here is one of the announcements of his joining the company from 18 months ago, along with then CFO Monica Hushen (who left the company last year).

Devine was one of the three executives, along with Taffler and Chandler, mentioned by name by the lead investor in his defence of uBeam in May last year as being key in the company's progress. All three have since left the company.

Per LinkedIn, this leaves Larry Pendergrass as the sole executive with significant industry experience. He joined last September, announced here.


  1. They're going to burn the rest of their VC pile just on web developers updating the "/team" page

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